Fielding Graduate University has a virtual library. While I’m sure I can find almost everything I need there, I will need to become a master of the ‘online search.’ If you’ve had experience with any reputable search engine (like Google), you know that you have to wade through thousands of results if you aren’t specific enough in your search criteria.

Call me “old fashioned,” but I like the visceral feel of walking into a research stack of the library and thumbing through journals. I like the smell of a library (which has yet to be produced in an aerosol spray form). There is also the ambience of fellow students who are reading, working on laptops, and chatting in sotto voce.

I still have fond memories of my MBA program at NYU Stern School of Business. The school was located at the base of Manhattan, off Wall Street, so the library was fairly small and closed most on weekends. I established the NYU Law library as my place of residence instead. It took me five years to get my MBA; Washington Square and its environs are one of my favorite hangouts in NYC. So begins my search for local library settings where I can park myself, cum laptop and embrace a physical environment conducive to my serious work.

Libraries I’m considering in my area are as follows – I wonder if they’ll let me in if I’m not a registered student there (please post your comments on your experience of viability of each library, or other libraries I should consider):

IMG_7406.jpg California Luthern University is smaller than the Thousand Oaks Library. The reference section had some of the standard books and journals I would need, but still a very small selection. The university has only one doctoral program in Education, so the libary is not really a research library……..oh well – and it’s only 15 minutes away…….However, it does have several of the books I need. It costs $120 per year to be a “community” member, which allows me to check out books.

Getty Center image
Getty Research Library What a great place to study, with an inspirational location. I applied immediately for a “stack reader” pass. It will be worth the 45 minute drive to spend a day now and then at this library. My friend Scarlett’s sister did much of her doctoral studies in this library. An added bonus is when I need a break, I can wander through the museum galleries for inspiration!

UC Santa Barbara

Aerial Photo of UCSB

Though I haven’t visited UC Santa Barbara’s library yet, I have talked with several Fielding students who frequent the library. It costs $50/year and you can take out 10 books at a time. Parking is an issue though, so the best times to go are on the weekends, especially on Sunday.

Pepperdine University

Cal State University at Northridge (CSUN)

Pacifica Graduate University



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