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Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, PhD


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My Passion: Singing Our Song

My Purpose Statement:

With spiritual vision, brilliance and clarity,
I nurture and inspire myself and others

to powerfully express the music of our souls,
so that we may create, care, learn and live courageously together.

Short Resume:

  • Currently an author, coach, consultant, and thought leader
  • Left an executive position as Managing Director, Countrywide Financial Corp. Enterprise Applications and CTO, Loan Administration in July 2007 after 8 years there
  • Ten years of prior experience as a consultant (Price Waterhouse and then my own consulting company). A total of 25 years of experience as a technologist, manager, consultant and leader.
  • My first career was as a professional classical musician
  • Education:


For information about my consulting business, see my website: www.cotterconsulting.net and my new blog: www.collectivevirtuosity.com

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  1. Hello Dorriane,

    Brilliant! I guess PhD degree can be hurdled easily when you make it fun by writing about your own lived experience about it! Congratulations for coming out with this idea!

  2. Hi Dorianne,

    I’d like to read your thesis: Chamber music coaching strategies and rehearsal techniques that enable collaboration.

    How can I get a hold of a copy?

    Kevin Young

  3. Hi I want to start my Phd journey(Oraganization Behaviour).I think this blog is very useful to me.I am surely get some new point from your site.Can contact via email I f I have some doubts.

  4. Finally I have found a worthwhile blog about mature adults seeking a PhD. I obtained my B.A. and M.A.T. after age 45, and now am considering a PhD. I really would like to correspond with others about the pros and cons of pursing a PhD later in life. So far what I’ve been warned about is that my age may not keep me out of a program, but it may keep me out of a job. Thanks for any resources, links, encouragement, etc. Cynthia

  5. Dorianne, I love your site- I too am working on my EdD at the age of 53- I work adjunct at a local college also- I quit my fulltime job as a teacher at the college to persue my doctorate. So many times I’ve thought about quitting- it is so time consuming!!! But I keep on- my family says, why?? all the time-but I try and remind myself of the goal. I am in qualitative review at this time, also- at the U of Alabama- where are you doing your program?

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  7. Your research on higher levels of consciousness in mediation sparked my attention. I have just begun a Psy D program with a concentration in mediation and conflict resolution. I will be 50 yrs old or so when I finish this program. So, like some of your previous responses we have alot in common. It’s refreshing to see there are others who bring lots of life experience to the quest of getting a Doctoral Degree–yes, I understand it’s not for the glamour or career; rather, it’s about the love of learning and growing. Good luck and keep at it!

  8. Hi Dorianne,
    I’m not alone!! I’m another boomer (a mere 49) who has just embarked on a PhD here in Johannesburg which I can fortunately do full time with the aid of a very supportive partner. Reading your blog, it appears we have a lot in common as regards our motivations and indeed how we both feel about real libraries. I will drop by now and again to say hi and see what you are up to. Have many of your respondees been other 50-year old PhD’s?

    • Thanks for your post and best wishes on your PhD progress. I have received several comments about people attaining their PhD’s in later life. We bring a different perspective because of our extensive life and work experiences, which I think really add to the scholarly discussion. I’m definitely having the time of my life – really enjoying it!

  9. Hi,Dorianne!nice site.

  10. Hi Dorianne! Just took some time away from my work stuff to look around and came upon your blog. Interesting! I am not yet a convinced blogger but remembered our conversations over SS and WS and find you here, sharing yourself with unknown others. We have lots in common, both being in tech worlds and having had a start in music. And now, Fielding, and soon, the West coast. Not sure what more to say, just “hi” and keep well.

  11. Hello,

    Thank you for your kind words and the visit to my blog. I can definitely echo the feelings with regard to Fielding.

    Keep up your great work and perhaps our paths will cross very soon.

  12. Hi Dorianne,

    You and I have more in common than just that corporate world. I’m glad you are now on a much richer journey, and are in inspiration to me and all those that cross your path.

    Let’s reconnect on new levels.

    Keep the light on!

  13. Very interesting Blog Dorianne. I’ll be looking forward to read your thoughts in this space more.

    Wish you the best,

    Mehrdad Rashidfarrukhi (MadDog)

  14. Hi Dorianne,

    What a marvelous start to your PhD journey. It was great meeting you in person – and particularly wonderful to visit your blog!



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