Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 5 January 2010

Another Milestone!

This is truly a journey – and I’m still enjoying it.  In late November, I received a Master of Arts in Human and Organizational Systems.  The Master’s degree is awarded after completing 46 credits of course-work.  I’ve completed 52 credits.  Amazingly, once I complete the current course that I’m taking (just have the final paper to write), I have only one more 10 credit course to take.

I’m told that you aren’t ABD (all but dissertation) until your dissertation proposal is approved.  I have drafted a concept paper (actually two, but that’s another story) and will have my first dissertation committee meeting next week (OMG!).  I plan to start my comprehensive exams and the lit review this month too.  This is exciting . . . I’m ahead of the time-line I set for myself by six months.

I have been remiss in posting to this blog due to very busy work/school/mom/wife/volunteer schedule.  It’s probably why I’m six months further than I expected. However, I will be using this blog as input to my comps.  Therefore, I plan on posting on the following:

  1. Writing the dissertation concept paper
  2. Choosing a dissertation committee
  3. My conversations with Edgar Schein (really!)
  4. Research project #2 (an action research project that is progressing very slowly…)
  5. My dissertation topic and how I came to it (this will be a surprise…)

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