Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 10 March 2009

Why Fielding?

My University (Fielding Graduate University) just implemented a new website.  I recommend a visit to explore what FGU has to offer distance learners.  On the right side of the “Why Fielding?” page is a box titled “Research at Fielding is MINDFUL” – it has a link to a page about my first research project on meditation.  It was a nice surprise for me to see my research highlighted on the new site.

My personal answer to the question, “Why Fielding” is:

The faculty are excellent – they come from many disciplines and have had distinguished careers at noted universities around the world.   FGU has a focus on bridging social research and practice.  They have an important objective to make the world a better place through active involvement in communities around the world as a key element of its research.  The faculty and students are mindful and interested in personal growth and evolution for all.  The program is self-directed, meaning I have lots of choices in how I approach each of the knowledge areas for my required course-work.  This approach doesn’t work well for those who like lots of structure.  The people I have met, whether faculty, students or alumni, have all been interesting, thoughtful, loving people.  I am very fortunate to feel that I have found my home here because the doctoral program journey is not easy.  You really have to love it or it isn’t worth the time, money and hard work.  I do love it.



  1. I’m sorry- I see- Fielding-

  2. As a Fielding alumnus I couldn’t agree more. When I first considered a master’s program, I had lots of questions about distributed learning, and feared it wouldn’t be rigorously academic. I quickly found my fears were unfounded as the program and fellow students exceeded all my expectations.

    What I particularly appreciated was the bond our cohort of students formed through online discussions and shared work. When we finally did meet in person, we were connected more closely than we could ever have been otherwise.

    Fielding’s programs offer intense academic focus, extraordinary personal freedom, and the opportunity to interact with an uncommonly diverse group of student-colleagues.

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