Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 10 August 2008

Academia, Lessons Given, Lessons Learned

It has been over two months since my last post, for good reason: I just taught my first graduate level course at Cal Lutheran University. Preparation for each class took an inordinate amount of time, the textbook was voluminous, and I made myself (and my students) read almost the whole thing. Then there were the assignments. I will probably slim them down next time I teach this course. All told, I spent about 30 hours/week developing the course materials, assignments, rubrics and then grading the homework for a 3 hour class. They say it is much easier the second time around and a piece of cake the third time…..

I’m at the Academy of Management conference this week and have attended a doctoral student consortium for the Management, Spirituality and Religion special interest group. That was a fantastic experience. The first night, I sat at a table with several other students. It turns out that they had all won awards for the most promising dissertation proposals. Each student had a wonderful and interesting topic and a couple were closely related to my topic. One was exploring “spiritual intelligence,” another was looking at “work: what’s love got to do with it?” We really bonded through our discussion and I hope to keep these relationships going. I’ve found my scholarly community! I’m impressed with the international attendance at the conference. Europe is very well represented as well as Australia, New Zealand and the Asian countries. It is such a pleasure to meet these scholars and understand their perspectives.

Today, I attended a workshop presented by the Network of Leadership Scholars, which is bringing together scholars from different disciplines to focus on leadership research. I really enjoyed it and believe I have found another facet of my scholarly community. I have some observations that I will share in my next post about the “academy.” That will have to wait.


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