Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 2 May 2008

Grants and Conferences

Great news – I was awarded a grant from my school, Fielding Graduate University! See my previous post about the grant proposal process – I applied for a $1,000 grant and recieved a grant for $658.94!! The difference was due to books in my proposal budget that didn’t qualify for the grant. I guess I didn’t understand the “books” part of the equation. I still don’t really understand it. “Books that aren’t part of developing your research are not covered by a Fielding Research Grant.” I thought I had included only books that were needed to develop my research, but the ones I listed didn’t qualify. I included the books I needed to design the research – ones on research methods and techniques. Maybe I needed to include all the books on consciousness theory that I bought (see my Amazon store). I will need to question this for my next grant proposal.

Follow-up on my research abstract for the SPHS conference panel proposal. My professors edited my abstratct and sent it in along with the others. Their edited version is much better (and tighter scope) than my version. Of course, they have about 25 years more experience than I……

I’m conducting my hermeneutic-phenomenological research now….more to come…..



  1. Hi Dorianne

    Great news. Will look forward to learning what your research uncovers and hearing about the discoveries you have made along the way.

    Hope all is well with you.

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