Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 13 February 2008

I’m a (soon to be) prof!

IMG_7406.jpgI’ve been invited to join the adjunct faculty at California Lutheran University (CLU) and am very excited about the prospect. I will be teaching a summer course entitled “Management Concepts for eBusiness.” I have lots of ideas to add to the current syllabus, including Web 2.0, Social Networking, Second Life as a business generating concept, etc.

My next learning curve is how to design a course, defining my teaching philosophy, coming up with materials, case studies, projects and exams (!) to flesh out the curriculum. My friend who is a professor at CLU suggested I use Laurie Richlin’s Blueprint for Learning to help me learn how to do all of this. It gets my heart going with excitement, so I know it’s something I’m meant to do.

A side benefit is that I’ll have access to the CLU library for free, instead of $120 per year and I’ll have access to their databases and other materials. This resolves part of my library quest problem (see my libraries page).



  1. Welcome to the team, Dorianne!

  2. Dorianne,

    As they say down south, “You go Girl!”


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