Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 11 October 2007

Libraries, research and learning

Getty Center imageThe past two weeks have been a learning curve straight up the mountain (no switchbacks)!   I found a great research library – The Getty Research Institute.  I have a friend, Scarlett, who works at the Getty (in IT) and had a wonderful lunch conversation with her at the museum cafe.  After lunch, she walked me over to the research library and I searched through the catalogue and perused the periodical reading room.  What a great place to study, with an inspirational location.  I applied immediately for a “stack reader” pass.  It will be worth the 45 minute drive to spend a day now and then at this library.

I’ve written my first four (count ’em – 4) papers.  Since I’m required to use APA format, I decided to purchase a student copy of EndNote for my citations.  What a fantastic tool!  I was able to automatically download the citations from Library of Congress and other sources, then auto-insert into my paper.  It was really easy to use and worked like a charm!

Now here’s where you bloggers and web nerds can call me an ignoramus….I also discovered and GROKKERlast week.  These tools will really help with on-line searches and organizing the millions of sites I’ll be visiting on my journey.  I really liked the way you can view search results in Grokker either by “outline” or “map” form. 

One of the things we explored this week in my Doctoral Competencies class is that there’s a virtual cocktail party going on out there with many side conversations on my topics of research interest.  The trick is actually finding the right conversations and figuring out how to join in…….

I’ve updated my research page with new ideas that have been spurred through my DOCS class and discussions with other students.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts…


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