Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 27 September 2007

Dissertations, colleagues and universities (oh my!)

IMG_7406.jpgYesterday, I met with a relatively new colleague of mine, Dr. Paul Witman, who is a professor at California Lutheran University (CLU).   I say “relatively new”  because I first met him several years ago when he interviewed for a position in my organization at Countrywide.  Our paths went different directions until a fellow colleague, who had just learned of my academic pursuits, put us in touch again.

Paul has been very helpful in answering my many questions about the road to PhD.  At our first meeting several weeks ago, he loaned me a copy of his dissertation so I could gain an understanding of the final product.  Knowing how much work went into the dissertation, it was interesting to see how much was summarized for the report.  A great deal of the paper described the research methodology.  Three case studies were included in depth.  Again, it was eye-opening for me to see that for a dissertation, the sample could be so small.  I had another dissertation experience last week, when I was interviewed by a fellow fielding student for her research.  For her study, she will interview between 10 and 15 people.  I always imagined I would have to interview hundreds of people, but not necessarily so…..

In addition to discussing Paul’s dissertation (we had good dialogue about the content and conclusions), we also talked about the possibility of me becoming an adjunct professor at CLU.  I prepared, along with my C. V., a list of courses and topics I could teach at the business school.  I’m really excited about this prospect and look forward to the interaction with younger students.  I’ve had some experience with teaching, mainly in workshop settings, which I really enjoyed (and the students also seemed to enjoy).

Then I checked out the CLU Library, which was smaller than the Thousand Oaks Library.  The reference section had some of the standard books and journals I would need, but still a very small selection.  The university has only one doctoral program in Education, so the libary is not really a research library……..oh well – and it’s only 15 minutes away…….

Please look at my “Libraries” page and add your comments on research libraries in the area.  Thanks!



  1. I don’t think the comic book character idea will be part of my eventual dissertation, or at least a main one, but something I want to explore.

    – Matt

  2. I’ve already added some ideas around the organizational models and relationship building within musical ensembles (string quartets, jazz trios, etc.) into my research ideas. We’ll have to dialogue offline about this and how you’re incorporating the comic book characters…..interesting food for thought.

  3. That’s wonderful news, Dorianne! I love it when old paths reconnect to present ones — and it goes to show that “you never know” who you will reconnect with again in your life. Considering my recent “career evolution” it sounds like we are on similar paths. Eventually I want to teach business courses using different comic book characters and archetypes as models of management — you should consider relating your musical background to your teaching opportunities.

    – Matt

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