Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 22 September 2007

Making Space for Study

At our student orientation, we were told to create space (both time and place) for regular study.  Then we condition ourselves so that when we’re at that place and time, we study (instead of do emails, eat, wander around and tidy up, etc.). 

I’m trying to discover my space.  It’s not at my desk.  There are way too many distractions there.  Email is the biggest distraction.  SKYPE is a new distraction.  So is this blog.  I just spent an hour trying to embed widgets and links from Amazon’s affiliate website into this blog.  I can’t get it to work and I’m frustrated. 

There are a few good places for me to read books:  my local B&N-Starbucks has a really nice fountain with tables out front and I can get a Grande Decaf (Vanilla Iced on hot days) and sit outside to read for up to an hour.  I have a very comfortable easy chair in my office for the same purpose, but it’s too close to my computer.

Easy Chair for Reading

I haven’t tried the library yet (see my “Libraries” page)  – I intend to visit each one and find a roosting place.  Once I start consulting (more on that in another post), I will likely be studying in airports, on planes and in hotel rooms………



  1. I will take a look at confab – I’ve heard of it. Right now, I’m having conversations with several of the principals at Concoursgroup (see and have signed a contract to be a member of their “cadre” – which are associated independent consultants. More on this venture in a future blog post……

  2. I totally hear you about your “space” not being work-conducive. I am thinking about forcing myself to go to the local community college library or maybe even the public one just to “be somewhere” but here – yet, as long as I have my Sprint mobile broadband card and connected to the Internet, I am doomed! 🙂 And, to disconnect would be a fate worse than death of course. I think I will just stay at home and try extra hard to set incremental deadlines for myself.

    By the way, speaking of consulting, I discovered a very intriguing conference called “Confab” this October in Reno ( I have been searching LinkedIn for current Fielding students along with alumni and learned of this conference through one such contact. It is an annual conference for consultants, both at the beginning and end of their careers. Looks to be very beneficial — and they even have student rates! Anyway, check it out, maybe it is something that could be helpful to you too?

    – Matt

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