Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 19 September 2007

Getting the Lay of the Land

Learning ones way around – getting the “lay of the land” – is always fun for me.  I really enjoy traveling to new cities and countries to explore new terrain.  So I’m having some of the same experience as a new PhD student.  Where do I buy the least expensive books?  Where are the best local research libraries?  What software do I need?  How do I stay in touch with my new-found community at Fielding U.?

I’ve had to buy six books so far for my first two classes.  For my “Doctoral Competencies” online course (9 weeks), I bought the following:

I bought the first three at my local Barnes and Noble.  Since I’m a club member, I get a 10% discount on everything I buy there, including a 10% credit for used books I buy through their associated used book dealers.  The APA manual is $27.95 and you get the same price regardless of membership.  You can get the last book at Sage Publishers.  I’m very fortunate to have a friend who’s wife works there – I got a review copy of the book (I’m very grateful!)

Look for my reviews of these books as I read them – I will post them on the “Lit. Reviews” page.

Other resources for books: Alibris, Amazon used books and .  Let me know of other reliable and inexpensive sources for academic books that would help me out…….



  1. Thanks for the great suggestion! I just signed up to be an Amazon affiliate and am now figuring out how to add widgets to my Lit Review page to link to my favorites, etc.

  2. Hi Dorianne,

    I just bought “How to Read a Book” on eBay for a good price. I actually compared the price on vs. eBay, and the eBay option was cheaper. One way I’ve saved money in the past on books is to create an use an affiliate account. I created a page on my own website that redirects me to Amazon using the referral code and I earn approx. 4% on everything I buy. Plus, there is no sales tax, although the shipping can vary. I do like the idea of buying used books from B&N with the discount card though, I will look into that.

    – Matt

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