Posted by: Dorianne Cotter-Lockard | 4 September 2007


Well, research is a major part of getting a PhD (I was just looking forward to learning and having great coffee-house discussions with fellow students….).  I’ve already been asked, as part of my self-directed Learning Plan, to define my research questions and topics of interest.  Then, I have to map these questions to the required Knowledge Areas in the HOD program as they will become the subject matter of my reading and writing assignments.

I know this much about research – I need to determine if:

  • The question is worthy of exploration
  • The current research and theories around the question are inadequate and therefore deserve more exploration
  • I have a passion for the topic and related questions

So help me out on the first two points here.  I’ve posted a page on this blog (with much difficulty in formatting the page) my research topics and questions of interest.  I welcome your feedback.



  1. Dorianne,

    Thank you for bringing me into the 21st century world of blogging. I am so impressed with your patience and abilitiy to craft such a neat (clearly, a word that signifies the writer is a baby boomer) conversation.
    Also, I am thrilled that I can “feed” my love of words. I have already expanded my vocabulary with hermaneutic.

  2. Chris (DR. Chris, that is….),

    Thanks for your comment – since you’ve been through this whole process, I expect you’ll have many words of wisdom for me along the way. I agree that passion should come first – I’m passionate about all the topics I’ve listed here. However, I’m not sure of the level of my passion toward each one. I believe I’ll discover that as I learn more about the research already completed or in process for each.

  3. Hi Dorianne, and thanks for inviting me on your blog.
    I’ll state the obvious to give you some feedback on your post: 1) reverse the order of your inquiry, i.e.: the passion about the subject must come first, because if it doesn’t you won’t stand a chance when slogging through the grunt work that is bound to show up. 2) combine the first two points into one, and simplify: What still needs to be done on this topic?
    Good luck (even though we know there’s no such thing[as luck, that is])
    Chris (that’s DR. Chris to you…)

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